Constitution  and Rules

1. The Name of the Association shall be "The Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs", hereinafter called the Association.

2. The Objects of the Association are the furtherance of Motor Sport, the representation of Member Clubs and the provision of facilities for liaison and mutual consultation on all matters of Motor Sport

3. Membership of the Association is open to any Motor Club wishing to join and subject to their acceptance by the General Council of the Association. It is a condition of acceptance that a representative of the joining club be in attendance at the meeting to which their application is put before the Council for consideration.

4. The General Council of the Association shall consist of one voting representative from each of the current Member Clubs. Other representatives of those clubs may be present at Council Meetings. Members of the Executive shall only be entitled to vote if they are the voting representative of their club. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

5. Officers

a) The Association may, at its discretion, invite an appropriate person to act as President for a fixed term.

b) The Officers of the Association shall be the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

c) The Executive shall comprise the Officers of the Association, the Secretaries of the various Association Championships, the Defence Land Agent Liaison Officer and the Forestry Liaison Officer. Any of these posts may be combined. The Officers of the Association may co-opt on to the Executive any individual it feels may contribute to the aims of the Association. Any such co-option must be ratified at the next Council Meeting

6. Elections

a) The Officers of the Association and the Executive Committee shall be elected annually from representatives of the member Clubs at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for any of the posts on the Executive should be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Association 35 days prior to the meeting at which the election takes place. Nominations should be circulated to member Clubs at least 21 days before the meeting. Nominations are to be proposed by a Member Club and the nominee must signify his willingness to serve.

b) In the absence of any such nominations, Clubs may nominate persons for election during the meeting. Should the nominee not be in attendance, then a written acceptance of the proposal must be produced at the time of nomination

7. Finance

a) The financial year shall be from 1st January to the 31st December each year.

b) The Treasurer shall produce an audited statement of the Associations' finances at the first meeting after the end of the financial year.

c) A joining fee of Five Pounds shall be payable by all clubs on joining the Association or on re-election into the Association. The joining fee is additional to the annual levy.

d) Member Clubs shall pay an annual levy to the Association. The amount of this levy shall be approved by the General Council meeting at which the Annual Statement of Accounts is presented and accepted.

e) Any Club not paying the annual levy within three calendar months of the publication of the Minutes of the meeting at which the levy is determined shall be deemed to have resigned from the Association.

f) Clubs joining the Association after the 31st October shall not be required to pay the levy for that year.

g) Any Club applying for re-election to the Association shall be required to pay any outstanding payments due to the Association.

8. Meetings

a) There shall be at least three ordinary meetings of the General Council in each year. One of these will be to resolve the sporting programme for the following year.

b) Extraordinary Meetings of the Council may be held if:

- Urgent Association business necessitates one.

- Arranged by the General Council; or

- Requested in writing by at least three Member Clubs.

c) Clubs shall be given at least 21 days written notice of any Council meeting.

d) The Executive shall also be empowered to hold meetings in order to deal with day-to-day matters not requiring full Council approval and to formulate Association policy.

e) A quorum shall consist of representatives from at least 10% of the Member Clubs, this figure to be in addition to Members of the Executive present. No voting shall take place at a meeting at which there is not a quorum present.

9. Invitations

The Executive may invite the attendance of any individual connected with Motor Sport to any Association meeting

10. Changes to the Rules and Constitution

Any proposal put to the Council of the Association concerned with changes to the Rules and Constitution shall not be voted on at that meeting but shall be included in the Agenda for the following meeting of the Council. The wording of any such proposal shall be included in the notice sent to the Member Clubs informing them of the meeting.

11. Championships

a) The Association may organise Championships for any aspect of Motor Sport within the jurisdiction of the MSA.

b) The Secretary of any such Association Championship may also form a Championship Sub-Committee.

c) Any decisions taken by such a Sub-Committee which may commit the Association to any expense or liability shall be put to the Executive for ratification.

d) With the above exception the Championship Secretaries shall be free to organise their respective Championships within the accepted framework of that aspect of the sport.

The Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs