General Regulations For ACSMC Championships

1. General

1.1 Qualifying Events: Any National B status Autotest, Autocross, Production Car Trial, Rally (including National A), Sprint or Hillclimb run under General Regulations of the MSA, and promoted by a paid-up Member Club of this Association, where that Club makes an application by inviting participation of the Association and/or Registered Championship Contenders, and where that Club abides by the Rules hereafter, and those appertaining to the Championship concerned, can be considered as a Qualifying Event. Acceptance of an event as a Championship qualifier will be confirmed by the Championship Secretary / Co-ordinator issuing a Championship Acceptance Number which must be quoted in the Regulations and all correspondence.

1.2 To comply with the normal MSA Regulations, the Association and/or registered members of the Association Championships, are to be invited by the organising club. The invitations to be sent to the appropriate Championship Secretary / Co-ordinator. Also a brief outline of the event (distance, start time, location of start, finish or venue) should accompany the invitation which should be sent not less than 12 weeks before the event.

1.3 On acceptance of an event into an Association Championship, a non-refundable event registration fee shall be paid to the Association before the beginning of the championship season or, for events accepted after the start of the championship season, within 14 days of the acceptance of the event into the championship.

1.4 For the time being event registration fees for ACSMC Championship have been waived.:

1.5 The Association acceptance and any Association status given to an event will be void if the promoting club ceases to be a member of this Association before the date of the event, or fails to pay the relevant event registration fee by the due date.

1.6 The Championship Season will be 1st January to 31st December each year.

1.7 The proposed dates for championship events are given in the Association calendar. Clubs should propose their events and dates each year when this information is requested by the Championship Secretaries / Co-ordinators to complete the following season's calendar (NOTE: The Association will not accept for championship status more than one event of like category on any one date). The publishing of dates in the Association calendar does not bind the organising club to take up the option to promote that event on that date or, invite the Association and / or registered members. Nor is the Association bound to accept these or any invitation to participate in an event. It should be noted that acceptance by the Association is for and on behalf of members of the Association.

1.8 Supplementary Regulations to have the words to the effect that the event is an "ACSMC ********* Championship Qualifying Event" or "Rally 2005 ********* Championship Qualifying Event" on the outside of the front cover.

1.9 Supplementary Regulations to be sent to ALL registered members of the appropriate championship at least six weeks before the event. Failure to compete in at least one of the first six championship events may result in registered contenders not receiving regulations for future events.

(NOTE: A full list of names and addresses will be sent to the Secretary of the Meeting with the Association's acceptance of an invitation for events. The list will not be sent until receipt of a satisfactory set of Supplementary Regulations. A final up-to-date list will be sent one month before the event).

1.10 Supplementary Regulations issued before 30th September to include a form for membership of the appropriate Association Championship. (Included in the ACSMC Year Book).

1.11 Entry Forms to include a declaration that the Driver / Navigator is / is not a registered member of the Association Championship and their registration number.

1.12 Entry list to include an indication as to which Drivers / Navigators are registered championship contenders.

1.13 Appointment of Observers: An entry list (complete at the time of compilation) must be prepared showing names and registered numbers in Championship register and posted to the Championship Secretary / Co-ordinator to arrive without fail, five days before the event (i.e. Monday for a Saturday event). This list is to ensure the appointment of Observers. Three Association Championship contenders may be selected from the entries and, where applicable, from various classes, to act as Observers, and to return written reports to the Championship Secretary / Co-ordinator.

1.14 Late Entries : If an entry from a registered championship contender is received after the stated closing date for entries, any points he should receive will not count towards the championship.

1.15 Final instructions should be received by all competitors at least three days before the event and should be accompanied by a list of entrants as at the closing date.

1.16 Full Results (and final entry list) to be sent to the Championship Secretary / Co-ordinator immediately they are made final.

1.17 On the basis of the Observers' Reports on qualifying events, the Championship Sub-Committee will advise the Championship Secretary / Co-ordinator as to whether similar events for the following year are to be included in the list of acceptable events and where deficiencies and / or anomalies exist, the organising club are to be advised.

1.18 The Championship Sub-Committees shall be appointed by the Executive from nominations submitted by the Championship Secretary/Co-ordinator.

2. Registration

2.1 Any paid-up member of a Member Club of this Association may register for any or all Championships.

2.2 Applications are to be made on the appropriate form(s) (a separate application for each championship) and forwarded to the appropriate Championship Secretary / Co-ordinator enclosing such registration fee as shall be agreed by the Association.

2.3 Registration will be for one season (i.e. 1st January to 31st December).

2.4 Registration will only be accepted:

a) if conditions 1.1 to 1.5 are fulfilled, and

b) if received before 30th September of each year for that season.

(Registrations for the following season will be accepted after 1st October).

2.5 The date after which points will count will be the date of receipt of the application form by the Championship Secretary / Co-ordinator.

2.6 Registration will become void if the registered contender's club ceases to be a Member Club of the Association, or if the registered contender ceases to be a member of a Member Club.

2.7 Registered members must have in their possession when signing-on at an event, their current championship registration card as proof of their eligibility to enter. (NOTE: If the Association is invited and has accepted an invitation, then ALL members of the Member Clubs of the Association are eligible to enter. If the registered members of the Association Championships only are invited then only such members are eligible to enter. Information to this effect will be given in each events' Supplementary Regulations under the list of invited clubs).

3. Competitors' Code

3.1 To uphold the dignity of and to preserve by all possible means, motor sport in its varying forms.

3.2 To enjoy the sport whilst at all times observing all the recognised codes of good driving and courteous, thoughtful behaviour, especially going to and from motor sport venues, and whilst taking part in a rally.

3.3 To deprecate and boycott in future, if necessary, badly organised events.

3.4 To report to the Stewards (Association appointed Observers report to the Association) individuals (organisational or competitive) guilty of a breach of rules, regulations or the code you are trying to maintain. For the sake of the continuation of the sport, the irresponsible must be weeded out.

3.5 To give newcomers to motor sport, by your own precept and example, a sense of responsibility which the sport demands of all its participants.

3.6 To refuse to enter or help promote events promoted by unrecognised clubs. (This is forbidden under MSA General Regulations and the terms of a competition licence).

3.7 To refuse all invitations to participate in rallies which are promoted during daylight hours (on grounds of safety) except where the competitive timed part of the event takes place off the public highway.

3.8 To submit via club delegates to the Association Council or direct to the Honorary Secretary any suggestions for the betterment and preservation of motor sport, which can be discussed at Association or MSA levels.

The Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs