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DEFRA have published a consulation document which provides an important to club motorsport. Please follow the advice provided by Andrew Brown of ACTC & MCC given here.


The following nominations have been received by the Association Secretary to join the
Executive for 2003-4:

Philip and Jenny Wood: Speed Championships Co-ordinators, proposed: Grenville Williamson, seconded: Katie Hunt
Matthew Fowle: Rally 2004 Road Rally Championship Co-ordinator, proposed for the Executive by : John Upham, and seconded by: David Walton and further proposed for above post by Guildford Motor Club and seconded by Hart Motor Club.

These nominations are the only ones received to date. Positions to be ratified at the February AGM.


I have been advised that following a strategic review of their core business
operation at the Test Site known as Avon Park or Barnfield Heath, near Bournemouth,
QinetiQ have announced that the use of the venue for motor sport activities will
cease from 1st January 2004.  Existing arrangements for 2003 will be honoured.

This obviously has a dramatic effect on the following:

SOUTHERN CAR CLUB:  Who use the venue as 8 stages of the Rallye Sunsseker and once
a year for a multi-use event.

BOURNEMOUTH CAR CLUB - Who use the venue for 2 multi-use events per year.

FOREST EDGE KART CLUB - Who use the venue on a monthly basis for MSA kart meetings

ICM MOTORSPORT - Who hire the venue for Test Days and Corporate Driver Days.

It must be stressed that this decision has no bearing on any future motor sport use
of any other QinetiQ facility, especially Longcross.

Barry Guess
MSA / QinetiQ Liaison Officer


Colin Hilton, chief executive of the Motor Sports Association (MSA), the national governing body of motor sport in the UK, has praised member clubs and individuals who responded to recent government proposals to remove the 14/28 day temporary planning rule which threatened to stop much of British motor sport. On 21 August, the government announced that it had dropped the proposals.


South Hams MC is elected as a new member club. Beginning in MotorSport 2002 is moved to September 15th to become an officials / marshals training event.


A very important issue called "Permitted Development Rights" has arisen which will affect all motor sport off the public highway. We have prepared a template letter to send to your local MP. Please download this letter and send to your MP under your own clubs cover. To discover your MP please follow this link.


"The Art of Rally Timekeeping" seminar took place in Bournemouth on Friday 22nd February.


The brand new yearbook for 2002 is now available from the ACSMC website.



Following yesterday's Carfax Stages at Longcross, Chris Powis has emerged as the Overall Winner of the Rally 2002 Tarmac Rally Championship.

Driving his venerable Nova, the Herefordshire-based publican held off a determined challenge from Bognor's Paul King to win the series by just 3 points.  After dropping scores and as a direct result of a 3 level tie-breaker, Chris' partner in crime Tom Powis also claimed the Co-Drivers title in a battle which saw him tie on overall total points with Paul Hollingham.

A full set of provisional results will be posted as soon as the 7 day marshalling claim period elapses.


As some of you may now be aware, we have reluctantly been forced to reschedule the Abingdon Motorsport CAR-nival until the weekend of Sat 25th / Sun 26th August (Bank Holiday Weekend).

This is due in the main to the local area being designated under MAFFguidelines as an IA (Infected Area) as there is an outbreak of Foot & Mouth within 12 miles of the airfield.  Additionally, we would not wish to be the first people back on the airfield after such an extended period of restriction and feel it appropriate to allow the local population access for a while.  Obviously another important aspect is the continued habitation of the airfield by many thousands of sheep!

I have analysed the date to the best of my ability (bearing in mind the fluid nature of the calendar at present) and have concluded that this weekend is the one of least resistance and that there are no direct clashes championship-wise. It is also the most suitable from Dalton Barracks point-of-view.

I would urge everyone to check the date and advise me if the change means difficulty in them continuing in their nominated role on the event or of any other
potential difficulties.  Also, those officials who have responsibility for booking
various people and services are asked to 'make that call' as soon as possible and confirm acceptance of the change.

Finally for those applicable, the next meeting of the Organising Team will still be on Thursday 26th April at 8.30pm at the Sun, Windlesham.  Please RSVP if you will NOT be in attendance.

Any questions or queries - ASK!


The Annual Awards presentation will take place at the Brooklands Museum, Weybridge, Surrey, starting from 2pm. All are welcome to congratulate the winners of our awards and also to review the past season.


The recent outbreak of Foot & Mouth Disease will almost certainly affect motorsport in the ACSMC region. Please
click here for further details.


ACSMC Awards Presentation will take place on Sunday, March 4th commencing at 2pm at the Brooklands Museum, Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey.  See


North Devon MC is Motor Club of the Year!


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Fax: 01252 657959  E-mail: or

         28th DECEMBER 2000
The hugely successful Beginning In Motorsport Weekend, organised by The Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs, has been forced to move dates from February to 18th / 19th August.  The main reason given for the change is ‘a search for better weather’.

Chairman Barry Guess added ‘Last year we got away with 2 unusually sunny days and it certainly paid dividends.  However, what with all the recent rain and snow and with the emphasis of the weekend changing to encourage a greater public awareness of the existence of local clubs and events, it was felt that in August we would stand a better chance of a larger attendance’.

Last years event attracted over 3,000 spectators and encouraged over 150 new motor club members and 30 new competition licence holders to take the plunge.  The 2001 event will again feature Club and Trade stands, competition car displays together with the Live Action Arena giving demonstrations of all forms of motor sport including Sprint, Race and Rally.

Further information is available from the ACSMC website on
or from Barry Guess on 01252 727390.


Please be advised that following a sub-group meeting last Sunday, The ACSMC
organised and promoted Beginning In Motorsport weekend has been moved to August
(Final date to be confirmed).

Reasons for this change will be explained at the next ACSMC Executive / Council
Meeting in January.

Barry Guess, Chairman.


Sent: Tuesday, 3 October 2000 09:12
Subject: Cross Border Rally CANCELLED

After much debate, we have taken the decision to cancel this year's presentation of the Cross Border Rally.  This difficult decision was made in
the light of a number of organisational obstacles.

We feel that, in circumventing these difficulties, we would have compromised
the quality of the event.  Rather than presenting a sub-standard event, to
the disservice of competitors, marshals and everyone else involved, we thus
felt compelled to cancel.

Please accept our apologies for any disappointment this may have caused and
be assured that we will make every effort to return in 2001 with Hampshire's
premier (allegedly - ed) road rally.

Andy Coshan
Basingstoke MC
Comp Sec


Save Lydden for motorsport. You may download the petition form from here and get it filled up and sent off to help keep motorsport at Lydden Hill.



The organisers of next month's Abingdon Motorsport CAR-nival are looking for
one-make clubs and owners of cars of special interest to join them at
Abingdon Airfield.

The CAR-nival is a 2 day serious motor sporting event featuring a 120 car
sprint over 2 courses (Saturday) and a100 mile tarmac stage rally (Sunday).

Any 'visitors' will be parked in a special 'Show Area and a prize of £50 will
be awarded to the 'Car of the Day'.  Anyone wishing to take part should
Barry Guess on 01252 727390 or via e-mail on for more


The success of The ACSMC Beginning In Motorsport generated £1,038 for Wessex
Cancer Trust via the sale of programmes and admission to the Live Action
Arena.  Conservative estimates put the attendance at around 3,000 over the 2
days  and in addition to the funds raised, exhibiting clubs have reported in
excess of 60 new club members as a direct result of their involvement.  The
organisers processed 34 new licence applications, the Scrutinners inspected
(and approved over 100 vehicles plus hundreds of helmets and overalls).

The 2001 event is already in the planning stages and anyone interested in
getting involved should contact Barry Guess on 01252 727390.


James Sunderland is looking to hear from people wishing to help marshal on
the forthcoming NEM Petroleum Mini Tempest Stages at Longcross (Sunday 16th

Volunteers should telephone 0973 387998 or e-mail

The Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs