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King of Hart Navigational Scatter, 2004

King of Hart Navigational Scatter

updated Saturday, April 10th 2004


We'd love to return to the glory days of 40 - 60 crews on a Five Maps Championship scatter rally and with The KoH 2004  this was entirely possible as the KoH 2004 would have contained many of the best features of a classic Night Trial. Sadly, only five entries were received and the event was cancelled maybe never to run again. What a shame!

Hart Motor Club ran its first `full-blown' navigational scatter on Saturday, July 22nd 1995 and became a round of the Five Maps Championship in 1996.

The 2004 Rally will take place using OS 174 & 175 on March 20th/ 21st.

If you are unsure about the nature of scatters then here is an amusing alleged conversation between Gwyn `Tarquini' Jones and Dr. John Upham'.

Officials for The King of Hart 2004 were:

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