This handbook has been compiled from the Vixen S2 Owner's Manual issued originally by TVR Engineering Ltd. (and subsequently reproduced by the TVR Car Club Ltd.) and has been extended to cover the Series 1 & Series 3 Vixens, Tuscan V6, 2500 and 1300 Vixens as there is large degree of overlap between these models. The first 289 2500 Vixens had the Vixen-style chassis and the remaining 96 2500s had the M-type chassis with an Vixen style body. The Vixen Series 4 has an 'M' type chassis with the Vixen S3 body shell but is ignored as far as this handbook is concerned. The Vixen Series 1 is the development of the 1800S mk. IV.

The handbook is intended to provide information with regards to the controls, routine maintenance and servicing for the above models.

The satisfactory performance of which your TVR is capable depends upon, to a large extent, the care and attention it receives from you, the owner. It is therefore, recommended that careful attention is paid to the instructions given under the Routine Maintenance section of this handbook.

Note:- All references in this handbook to the right-hand side (RHS) and left-hand side (LHS) are made assuming the person to be looking from the rear of the car.