Part                  Vehicle(s)      Supplier       Part no.  Cost  Notes

Door pulls            Mini

Door hinges           Anglia 105E, DG will refurbish old ones

                      Tap in grease nipples if you can for extra longevity.

Door handles(int.)    Wolsey 1500,

                      Sprite Mk.1

                      And Midget or

                      100E Pop will fit

                      Standard 8 '53-'54 for S1's and also HA Viva ones will

                      work if you want a lock.

Winder mechanism      Midget '70-'73,   Lengthening is required.

(regulator)           BMC 1300                                      

Door catch mechanism  Cortina Mk.2                            S2-4

                      Corsair/Classic (?)                     S1

Drop glass            TVR             DG, or get made by local firm possibly

Door handles(ext.)    Cortina Mk.2

Door chrome strip     Riley 1.5

                      Humber Sceptre etc. This is the bit on the inside

Rear Carpet           coachcarpet: find a good coach trimmer for the material.

Speedometer (100 mph) Cortina Mk.2

Speedometer (120 mph) Lotus-Cortina Mk.2  Smiths SN 5324/40A 980

                     What is the calibration number for the GT6 diff together

                      with 165/80 15 tyres ? I guess it is 980

Speedo cable         Try Cortina mk.2, manual  QH QSC3024     4.50

                            ?    maybe Cortina mk.2 (floor change) and reuse

                           ends. Dunno really... Get your own made up ?

                           No Ford one seems long enough. If you want to

                           retain the original speedo then you'll have

                           to get a cable made using your old ends. I 

                           used a mk. 2 Cortina cable and swapped to a

                           Ford Speedo and it works fine. It even gives a

                           right speed as a bonus !

Sunblinds             Hillman Hunter and others etc. incl. A40 countryman

Interior light        Austin A40 (Countryman ?) also Maxi 2 seems fine

Tunnel cover          TVR        Make your own.

Ashtray               MGB     SMG     HZA5390 (from MGB's with centre consoles) $7.00

Sunroof (cloth)       Britax weathershield: Sunway 74 as fitted to Marcos

                      and BMC Mini. Difficult to get: fitted to Heralds

                      and MGB's, Lotus Elans I think.

Wind deflector        Dolomite: Sunway 74

Heater matrix/core    Maxi,

                      MGB, ?


                      Comma P3 Van (my S3) Serck-Marston reference AR01021

                      at $30.50 + VAT

Heater matrix surround TVR         You'll have to mould your own.

Heater fan assembly   BLMC/Herald/Spit/Midget          Smiths Code FHB 540?27

                                                       serial number 03/1

Heater control valve  Reliant 3 wheeler,

                      Land Rover Ld110

                      Some Minis

                      If you don'mind that works the other way round then as

                      on TR6 with ARG part number 565755

Heater ducting (large) Hillman Imp, MG

Eye-ball vents (1")   Rover 3.5 saloon/coupe                             S1/2

               not 1" TR6                                              S2/3/4

                "     Triumph 2000 (has chrome ring which can be removed)

Heater ducting (small) Mini etc and many others

Wiper arms           Trico

                     Hella adjustable ones cut to size will function ok.

                     Halfords HWA3 wiper arms which are adjustable from 10-13.5&quote

Wiper blades         Rainbow/Trico

                     get the sort with metal strips inserted.

                     Hella 12 inch ones. Hella part number 9XW 857 506-001

                     Halfords HB13 wiper blades which are

                     13" ones which seem to work well. Unfortunately they

                     are not very period !

Spare wheel cover    TVR  but Rover 3.5 P6 has same size but with `Rover' on

                          it. You should be able to get one made by a

                          good vehicle trimmer.

Spare wheel clamp    TVR            make it yourself by welding a strip of steel

                                    to the end of a suitable bolt.

Fuel tank `lid'      plywood but replace with aluminium if possible

Screenwash jets       Use twin chrome ones

Screenwash bottle     various aftermarket ones available. Lucas do a

                      combined unit.

Screenwash pump       various: as above

Bonnet                TVR            TET~ 450 pounds + VAT + delivery. Comes

                                     complete with frame to be fitted.

                                     DG 400 pounds without frame

Bonnet pins           TVR

                      If you want heavy duty versions then 3000M ones can

                      be fitted with some modification to the bonnet.

Bonnet catches        Anglia 105E


Bonnet release pulls  TR6 ? , try IMP and other Rootes vehicles, BLMC 1100

                      Transit Van: I found one in an old H reg Ford Transit


Bonnet frame          TVR             DG ~ 35 pounds.

Wing Mirror           various period mirrors are available.

Headlights            MGB             Lucas         Originally are

                      Sealed beam     SMG GLU104 (60/45 watt) $4.90

                                      SMG GLU132 (75/50 watt) $5.90

                      Best to convert to Halogen H4 units. The following

                      parts may be used.

Retaining rim         MGB             SMG 515218A $4.85

Metal (outer) Bowl    MGB             SMG HLB 101 $5.20 

                                      Lucas F700MKX (LH)

Inner bowl            MGB             SMG HLB 105 $8.50

Adjuster kit          MGB             SMG BHM 7058 $2.50

Gasket                MGB             SMG 13H 565 $3.25

surrounds/rim   MGB/Morris Minor SMG 57H 5296 $13.10

Complete mounting set  Wipac          This is an aftermarket complete outfit

                                      using plastic bowls. Part no. S5400 for

                                      7" headlamps.

Sidelights (separate) Chrome bit      Royal Enfield Motorcycle !!*  6.34 per pair

                      Glass lens      Dolomite number plate light

                      Lamp Holder     Lucas L550, 526 506 TVP 2

                                      *I don't care if you don't believe me!

                                      Malcolm Chard has confirmed this 

                                      found a source to be:

                                      Bavanar Products Ltd.

                                      47, Beaumont Road,

                                      Purley, Surrey

                                      Tel: (081) 645 9190

Front indicators                      Lucas

                                      Sparto are original  57101

Side repeaters  (Long) ?             Used on Aston Martin DB series cars

                                     and also Spitfire export models.

                                     Lucas (deleted but autojumbles have them)

                                     Probably US export market.

                                     These are the inset type.

              (short) Austin 1100     Lucas

                      Wolsely 1100    Short ones are Lucas L734 with

                                      part no: 54057229. These are not inset.

Side Grilles          Zodiac Mk.4


Number plate light    MGB             SMG/TT/Moss           127916 (complete)

Lens                  MGB             SMG                   601721   $2.00

Gasket                MGB             SMG                   57H 5368 or 5358 $1.00

                      Early Vitesse,

                      Riley 1.5,

                      Mini mk.1/2

     or               Jaguar XK !      The longer one I think

Rear light cluster    Cortina Mk. 2      Ford                          Swopped

Bulb hold. for above  Cortina mk. 2    Ford      originals are metal

                      none             MRM-TEX Ltd. E99936   indicator : plastic

                      none             MRM-TEX Ltd. E99946   stop/tail : plastic

                      Vauxhall V's     Lucas        54577578 ind.

                                       Lucas        54577579 s/t

                                       The Lucas ones do not have a

                                       sepearate earth

                                       tag and pick up their earth via the

                                       grip ring bit.

Reversing lights      Sparco glass      non-original and therefore optional

Fog/brake lights      Wipac             non-original and therefore optional

Lubrication details panel TVR           (hard to get one of these)

                                        Has the oil/lubrication details

Chassis plate         TVR                 DG

Body Panels           TVR                 TET mouldings and Steve Reid

Door skins            TVR                 TET ~ 100 pounds each side

Rubber blocks between chassis and body    Conveyor belt rubber works fine

Front wheel arches    TVR                 DG   55 pounds each. reinforce if

                                               possible by glassing in plastic tubing

Running boards                            Household door threshold tred.

Badges                TVR                 TVRCC Regalia secretary. These are:

                                          1 x Vixen badge

                                          2 x TVR, England badges

                                          1 x S2 or S3 etc. badge

                                          1 x steering wheel transfer

The P.C.D. is 4.5" so all TR wheels and others are suitable assuming you check

for caliper foul etc. Wheel spacers are available from Triumphtune in 3mm or 6mm

thickness. Part no.s are TT6901 and TRT6902 respectively and prices are 11.50

per pair. TT can aslo supply `wheel clean discs' which go between the wheel and

brake disc to stop dust getting on the wheels. These are part no. TT6044 and

cost 21.00.

TT also make special solid anti-roll bar mounts. I quote:

"These are supplied as a pair,

with new urethane centre bush and outer saddle clamp. This type of bush will

reduce the lost tension that can occur through the standard rubber mounts,

especially useful for the competition owner" See below for prices.

                      Delage D6/Hotchkiss (~1935)  Yes the same ball

                                       joint has been seen on this vehicle

                                       by Colin Ward: I kid you not !

S2's and prior have longer pivot bars in the rear uprights which allow a four

shock set-up to be used. For some bizzare reason the S3 has shorter bars which

allow only two shocks. Conversion is tricky but for safety reasons it is

wise to do this.

Ring for advice if you are unsure how to do replace the short bars as it is very easy

to destroy the uprights.

The GT6 differential in the Vixen is the weakest link in the chain. Kingston

Sportcars and John Kipping are the best suppliers of quality units. The former

will do a bog stock unit for engines with not more than 100 bhp at the

flywheel, an uprated unit for up to 200 bhp and a limited slip unit using

the torsion coupling system for more power and serious motor sport

applications. The Spitfire Mk. V unit apparently has the stronger crown

wheel compared with the GT6 unit and is available in a 3.63 as well

as the standard 3.89 ratio.

The u/js are the next weakest link and then (probably) then

quill shafts in the uprights although it is unlikely you will break these

with less than 250 bhp. Always ensure the propshaft is very well

balanced as otherwise this will ruin a diff and gearbox.

Avoid very heavy clutch starts and watch the u/js for knock. One component

with slack will wear the others more quickly.

Gearbox               This is a so-called Ford `type 3' gearbox as

                      fitted to Cortinas, Capris, Escorts etc. It is a

                      single-rail box. Mine has seperate cast bellhousing,

                      cast main casing and alloy extension housing. The

                      official line is: Cortina mk.2

                      Early (1970) Capri (pre-facelift) I don't know the

                      differences on these gearboxes: single-rail box.

                      From the tag(*) on my box, Ford told me the box was:

                      Cortina 2.0 litre, 1971-1976, saloon, 3.75 ratio.

Mount                 Ford Capri Mk.1  no 1473281      4.77p

                      Ford Cortina Mk.2 (late)

                      QH EM569

Bellhousing           part nos. CBS 3038E 7505D

Main g'box casing     part nos. 71BG-7006-JA

Extension housing     part nos. 71WG7A040BA

end plug for above    Ford 1465457 97p

Oil seal (prop end)   Ford 1498994 2.16

gasket between above  Ford 6143334  1.17 p

Trumpet gasket        Ford   6143333 50p

Tag for above         71BG AUC, F0B 07128

Gear lever (std.)     Cortina            Ford 6078141       24.84 + VAT

                      Escort mk.2 except RS models

Gear lever (uprated)  Autocross (Bracknell, Berks) supply a

                      `rose-jointed' item with a raised pivot point

                      which is stronger with a much better gate and

                      can't (?) be pulled out of the extension housing by

                      over enthusiastic gear changing. Price is

                      around 50.00.

Gear knob (5 speed)   Sierra 5 speed     Ford 1629382       6.46

Gear knob (5 speed)   Sierra Cosworth    Ford ?            36.00 (!)

Reversing light switch                   Ford 1652164       4.29 + VAT

Blanking plug for above                  Ford 6000757         23p

G'box top plate gasket                   Ford 1432392         34p

speedo cable circlip                     Ford 3416354         10p

plug for above                           Ford 1425662         5.24

Gear: reverse idler                      Ford 6063992        44.61

Gear: 2nd                                Ford 1561866        54.14

Lay shaft shaft (!)                      Ford 1720546        18.60

Needle rollers for above                 Ford 1486041         0.10  (40 req'd)

Selector Ford 3rd/4th                    Ford 1431830        35.00

Bellhousing           Cortina mk.2 for Kent OHV motor

Essentially the TR4-6 braking system is used throughout. When replacing

discs beware of differing offsets as they may cause fouling on the

upright. Possibly Austin 1800 brakes are another source but this needs checking.

When replacing pads, GT6 ones will fit BUT have a smaller friction material area

than proper TR4-6 ones causing a big groove to wear in the disc. So don't

use GT6 ones !

Early cars may use 16PB calipers and later ones the metric bolted M16

type. Lockheed produce recon. units of the original Girling units.

My S3 uses 16PB inner and M16 outer halves to form

complete caliper units (!)

Mintex M171 material seems fine to me and stop the car very well. As far as 

I can tell Ferodo DS11 material pads are NOT available for TR6 brakes off

the shelf so you will need to get them made up specially If you want this

material. The Ford Escort (mk.2) RS2000 uses (essentially) the same

calipers (i.e. M16) and so its possible to use M171 pads for these cars.

The RS2000 pads have slightly greater surface area. Their part number is 

Mintex MGB 633. You will need to enlarge the holes in the pads used by

the retaining pins as they are smaller in the 633 pads. Don't use the

smaller pins as the pads will move about in the calipers.

It IS possible to fit ventilated discs. Triumphtune do a kit (Part no. SPB3201)

consisting of a pair of discs plus spacers for the calipers which are the

original (Girling 16PB or M16) units and the calipers spacers then

widen the jaws.

Moss/Triumphtune have made available stainless steel caliper pistons.

The part number is 510792SS and they retail at $14.10 each.

They charge around $258.00 for the

kit. I think alloy caliper mounts are available as well. Triumphtune will take

your calipers and fit the spacers if you prefer. I'm told the alloy hubs are not

really strong enough.

Battery (std)         ?                 Various

        (serious)                       Exide              RE1 Torque Starter

                                        Ford/MotorCraft    A different bracket

                                                           will be

                                                           required. 5012504

Battery Bracket       TVR               DG

Starter Solenoid      Cortina, Capri    Lucas              SRB333

Dynamo                                  Lucas

Current/voltage Regulator               Lucas              RB35

                                                           or 90 12V 22A D7

Alternator (std)                        Lucas              17 or 18ACR is OK

           (high output) Granada etc.   Lucas              23 or 25ACR (65 A)

           (ditt) with terminal posts instead of the `Lucar' connector comes

           from late Rover 3.5 engined vehicles e.g. 350i's !

Alternator plug kit   Lucas             Lucas              CYB400

Starter Motor         Ford Kent OHV     Lucas              LRS100 (M35 type)

                      Heavy duty        Lucas              M100 type

                      Both of these are the inertia type, it is possible

                      to fit a pre-engaged type but different flywheel

                      ring-gear is needed.

Indicator relay                         Lucas              SFB105(E), 35020

as fitted to          Austin/Morris 6/8 cwt van, 1/2 ton Van

(42 watt)             Daimler Limousine 1970 on

                      Lotus Esprit      1976 on

Base for above                          Lucas CYB580

Horns                 Many sources      Wipac/Valeo etc

                                        bass: TR99L for low

                                        treble: TR99H for high

                      MGB    SMG  Mixo type  GGE103 for treble, 

                                             GGE104 for bass

                      use two terminal type at $8.10 each.

                      Lucas             SHB122 (bass)

                      Lucas             SHB123 (treble)

Fuse box              Mini, MGB etc 

                      uses two fuses for most of car electrics !

                      SMG   606253 (box)    $5.80

                            505158 (cover)  $2.50

                      This particualr item is the root cause of many

                      electrical problems. I would suggest going to

                      a ten fuse box from Autolec and also using relays.

  I've not really bothered too much about engine parts since these are

  easily obtained through a Ford dealer. The part numbers are mentioned

  for the bits I happen to know and I've differentiated between standard

  and performance parts but this area is a different ball-game ! In other

  words the parts mentioned here are those required for a standard Vixen

  as when new (whatever that means !). Sources of Kent OHV blocks seem

  to be getting scarcer so it might pay to keep a spare s/h engine

  (or two !) lying around for a rainy day. Gradually the engine will

  get replaced from its present position of popularity. `Greening'

  of engines is important and we will be only allowed 6 %CO emission

  for vehicles from 1962 to 1983.

Engine                Cortina, Capri GT Ford 1598cc Kent Crossflow 711M

                      casting. Earlier cars used the non 711M casting.

Carb-manifold gasket  Weber             Weber  99900026   3.16

Carb service kit      Weber             Weber  WE443     11.21 this is for the

                                        32/36 DGV

Radiator              TVR ?             DG     Mine is a three row type but does

                                               anyone know the donor vehicle.

Radiator cap          Ford etc          Lucas part no. KRB350

Fan Belt              Ford              QH          QBA775

Thermostat            Ford              QH          QTH102 (92 degs)

Pipe?                                                6165786

Silencer              TR3A,

                      MGB will fit (?, or so it says in the parts booklet but

                                   not without a fight I shouldn't think !)

Silencer (performance)  Maniflow (Salisbury), `Mike the Pipe', JP Exhausts,

                        Janspeed, Peco Acoustics, to name but a few.